Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bonus Day in November

Yesterday was the day that marks Jack's death seven years ago.  11/11/2007.  While others say that five years is the magic year that a death begins to be somewhat less .....hmmmmm the words escape me this morning....I give up....but it would be the opposite of Raw.  Somewhat more mitigated....a scar rather than a huge aching rather than what one would describe as Pain.

For me it has been seven years rather than five that has been the magic number.  All of a sudden I feel strong enough to tackle the projects that I have put off.... and I am beginning to really accept the new me who was born when Jack's death caused  the "old me" to die as well.  I am beginning to think about travel beyond getting in the car and driving to a destination for a few days....of making real plans to DO things.  Certainly, no one would have accused me of "not living" during the last seven years, but I just feel stronger.

By chance, the Seven Year's mark was celebrated with serendipity as well!  I think that perhaps that word describes the new me better than any other word.  I miss the routines that were a part of Jack's and my life.  But I love the serendipity that has become a part of my life as a single person.

Gary Jones was finishing a project in Jason's old bedroom repairing the rod that had come down from too many off season clothes hung on old wire shelving.  He was using materials that Jack would have loved....the project is was not until late in the day when I stopped between golf and knitting to write Gary a check that I realized that the date was Nov 11th.

These photos are old....too busy having fun to remember to take photos!

The day was marked by an unexpected 70 degree day!  On a day when I have Katie's girls because she works on Tuesdays.....but then it turned out that the kids were out of school we agreed that I would keep them over night and she would go in early and then come get them early so that I could play golf in the afternoon....and Mitzi turned out to be available to play golf at 11:30....which let us play 18 holes

and still let me make it to knitting by 4:00....and then Mitzi was a REAL friend and kept after me until I agreed to go to the Straight No Chaser concert at the Paramount Theater in Ashland with her two VERY musical buddies, Debbie and David at 7:30!  WOW....a day just doesn't get any better than that!  Grandchildren, golf, unseasonably nice weather, knitting group, and WONDERFUL concert with buddies....I even managed to sandwich in a quick salad and glass of chardonnay....Serendipity at it's BEST!

Photo to right is view of golf course from my porch.

Old photos of the kids....forgot to take any at Starbucks or in the playroom or out riding bikes...

Photo taken by three year old Mia early Tuesday morning....."Nana, can I play with your phone?" and my answer as I try to lay in bed just a few more minutes is of course, yes.....anything to keep Mia busy for a few more minutes....I forget that she is an enthusiastic photography nut.....And I am caught napping....

 Straight No Chaser gave permission to post any of their photos or music....I had tried to insert some of their music at the time that I wrote this post.  However, the music quit working here.  The group sang   "Let it GO!" from Frozen which was my theme song that year.  I use that line daily to remind myself that much of what happens in this life deserves to be let go!  The group also sang Jack and Diane and the You Tube version that I was using of that is also out of date  This song  seemed to haunt me the first seven years after Jack's death.  I am rewriting this in 2016.  I no longer think of that song much.    I don't know why it seemed like my song those first years:  Oh, Yeah....Life goes on.  Long after the thrill of living has gone....